The Naked Collective is an artist collective that brings together artists and creators from all over the world and across all mediums. Founded by Francis Ochoa in 2017, The Naked Collective is a dedicated platform that aims to give its artists their well-deserved recognition and exposure but lack the resources and the platform to do so.

The Collective does this by spreading their art to the rest of the world and in the process, establishing and solidifying its artists identities. The name originates from the idea that when we create, we lend a piece of ourselves into what we make. When we decidedly show that to the world, there is a sense vulnerability and nakedness to it — to expose parts of us that may otherwise be hidden from others, secret parts of us that no one else is granted the privilege to see.

It is The Naked Collective’s mission to bring forth a new standard for and amongst artists — to bring in those that are truly and genuinely dedicated to their craft, those whose work desires to tell a story, to tell the truth. We wish to set ourselves apart from art so encumbered with the pursuit of temporary fame and overt manipulation. We believe that it is our duty to redefine what it means to be an artist.

We are the new avant-garde, we are The Naked Collective.